September 2020 Income Report – $352.75

Hi hello! Welcome to another income report. I’m going to breakdown my income from last month (active, semi-passive, and passive) and show you exactly how I made money.

A Few Notes:

  • I’m still trying to social distance, so I focused on online income mostly.
  • I started experiencing a little bit of burn out so I didn’t have a high goal for myself. But $300 ain’t too shabby.

Income for September 2020

Total Side Hustle Income: $352.75

I have a big goal of making $10k/month online, but I’ll take my $300 for now.

Types of Income

I mentioned a bit earlier that I want to try to get to $10k/month using online and passive income sources.

My plan is to basically hustle hard with active, and semi-passive sources of income and use the money to grow the semi-passive and passive income streams.

The active income streams include things like surveys, freelancing, extra income apps. Basically, the things where I’m trading my time for money.

The semi-passive income sources include things like this blog, my niche blogs, possible kindle and print on demand things, and possible YouTube channels. These are things where I have to put in some serious work to get it going but it can still make me some passive income, or things where I might need to do some maintenance to keep the income stream going.

The passive income stream are my investments. Think stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. These are things that are 90%+ hands-off, I just need to add money or do some slight maintenance.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Active Income

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are my favorite way to make extra money (seriously!). I know I won’t get rich with these, but man, they’re just so EASY.

Here are the specific survey websites I used last month:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie pays you in points that you can redeem for giftcards or PayPal cash. There’s always a ton of surveys to do, and I’ve caught some high-paying ones before ($45+).

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a UK-based website (they pay in pounds), but there’s always a lot of good surveys for people in the US and Canada. Prolific Academic seems to be getting more popular these days, so you actually have to check a few times a day to see if there’s anything available.

There’s also a chrome extension called Prolific Assistant that will alert you when there’s a new survey available (definitely look into getting it if you sign up for Prolific Academic).


PaidViewpoint is another great survey website to use! I check this one once a day (after I’ve done available surveys on Prolific Academic and Survey Junkie.

They have a lot of shorter surveys, and they don’t pay as well as the other survey websites, but PaidViewpoint is a nice little filler to use when there isn’t much available elsewhere.

Focus Group

I was invited to a focus group this month (thanks to my survey sites), and I tested a skincare product right from home!

The company sent me 5 different samples and I tested them over a week and I just had to jot down my thoughts and fill out an online form every day.

Basically I made $225 for about 10ish minutes a day for 5 days.



I’ve used eBates since 2015!! I still love them!

If you don’t know what eBates is, it’s a website that gives you cashback for shopping online (for freeee). All you need to do is go through their shopping portal or use the browser extension.

Each quarter they send you all the cash you’re owed via PayPal or a physical check, this month I made $14.95 – I should be getting the money around 11/15 through PayPal.


After reading this article from Hustle & Slow, I set up a selling account and attempted to make some money by freelance writing.

I got a $10 order within 3 days of posting my first gig. The client had very clear instructions and I had the order done within 24 hours. Awesome!

The client left a 5-star review, said it was amazing, and then ordered another $10 article.

I recievied the same instructions, got the article finished withint 24 hours and set it to the mfor review.

They basically responded that it was horrible and it would need to be 100% rewritten.


I did that and they accepted it…

But whew that was a ton of work and stress… I don’t think I can stomach trying it again. It was a hard-won $20.

Semi-Passive Income Streams

I have this blog, and a few niche blogs that I want to try and grow over the next year. They’re all monetized with Ezoic ads, but I want to diversify the income with products, and affiliates. I also would like to diversify the traffic by using Pinterest and Youtube more.

These are the income streams I want to focus on the most, because I can see they have the potential to make some serious money within the next few years, and if I do everything right, I can start funneling some money into the investments.

Amazon Associates

One of my sites had a few clicks and orders on Amazon and I made $.75.

This particular site has been neglected for over a year, so seeing this income was really surprising and it’s given me the kick I needed to pick it back up again.

Ezoic Ads

I started using Ezoic in April, and that month I made a whopping $1.95!

For September I’m happy to say that I made $16.32! It’s not an insane amount of money, but it’s a big increase from the April income!

My RPM is about $6.5 across all of my sites. Which, is so-so.

For October I want to dig into the data and see if there’s anything I can do to optimize the ads. I think a few sites could use some more ad placements.

Passive Income Streams

There hasn’t been any income for these (just pennies), but I have high hopes for the future. Just gotta growwww these when I can!

Worthy Bonds

When you purchase a bond from Worthy it’s used to loan money to small businesses. These bonds are on a 36-month term, and have a 5% interest rate.

The Worthy bonds are also super liquid, you can take out your money anytime (without paying fees).

So far I only have $10 invested, but I plan to buy more over the next few months.

If you’d like a free bond, you can sign up using my link.


GroundFloor is actually the income stream I’m most interested in! You can invest in short-term high-yield real estate investments with just $10!

Usually, these are for loans for other investors who are looking to rehab their flips or rentals!

So far I’ve invested $90 the last few months. There haven’t been any defaults, all of them are being paid as agreed, and one investment was actually paid back 3 months early.

If you want to try it out, you can use my link to get $10 when you deposit $10 or more! You’re already doubling your money right there.


I plan to invest in dividend stocks through Robinhood. I will keep reinvesting the dividends to grow my positions.

If you’re interested in trying out Robinhood, you can get a free stock for signing up! And if you use my link I will also get a free stock!

Goals For Next Month

Next month I’d like to make a minimum of $250. I plan on focusing on the websites (so they can start growing!) so I don’t think there will be much time for the other side hustles, but I think $250 minimum is doable.

Side Hustles To Try

  • Affiliate Marketing – I’m going to focus on writing at least one affiliate heavy post per website next month, it’s time to start making some money! (I know I said this last side hustle income report, but I still need/want to do this!)
  • Digital Products – For each site, I want to outline a digital product and release it sometime before the year is over. I think digital products could be a great way to start making some passive-ish income and it might even give the sites more credibility? We’ll see!

How’d you do this month? What side hustles are you working on?

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